Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's make Dallas a real city

Wow, last night's response to the Design District Market was incredible! The crowd was great, the music was rocking, and the energy on Cole St. was palpable.

Not enough credit has been given to Jim Lake Companies for bringing DEOM into the mix and for footing the bill of this event. But most specifically, a deep bow of gratitude goes to their marketing coordinator Monica Diodati, who is already lining up other events to bring excitement and attention to the Design District. It's always a pleasure working with a person who not only gets stuff done, but also someone who has real passion for this line of work.

Collaboration is the key to growing these events and spreading the good word that Big D is actually a cool place. As I've said before, Dallas is a bubble city where people don't mix, don't know each other, and don't work together. It's inevitable to have a plethora of cool, intelligent, talented people in a city this size. The problem is finding them.

People are now saying around Texas that Austin is becoming more like Dallas, and Dallas is becoming more like Austin. We have a bike lane now and a bunch of sharrows. This is the home of the Better Block Project. More and more street festivals are popping up around DFW, like Walk the Light and the Elmwood Street Fair, for example. People are stirring to the idea of Dallas as a dynamic city.

"You know how real cities have markets? We intend to make Dallas a real city," has been a running joke of mine since starting the Deep Ellum Market. The thing is, this could actually happen! Things are changing in Dallas right now, and it's exciting take part in it, but again, more people need to join in. I feel now is the time to change the catchphrase: Let's make Dallas a real city.

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  1. If you want to step into a bar for a drink or a snack while you're out in Deep Ellum, I recommend the Dallas Green Room (, they've got a great setup and a lot of good food and drinks