Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why have a Taco Festival?

I read this tweet other day by Datahowler:
Dallas prizes big names. IM Pei's City Hall. Celebrity Chefs' new restaurants. The Richards Group marketing the Dallas Farmer's Market. Calatrava's second bridge. The Odd Couple at Dallas Theater Center. And yet, many people from Dallas and outside wonder what the substance of our culture is.

In defense of this city, I always tell people that Dallas ain't gonna find you, you have to find Dallas. In order to experience and enjoy the Jewel of the Flatlands, you need to have an adventurous sprit and a tolerance for highways to dig deep and discover Dallas' treasures. After all, real culture doesn't have a marketing budget

The point of the North Texas Taco Festival, in turn, is to make disparate aspects of DFW culture accessible in a single, central location. Tacos, traditionally consumed by common people, are a perfect compliment to our mission of promoting streetlife in Dallas. 

There will 15 taquerias from around DFW that range from Jefferson Ave culture to Henderson Ave culture. We've invited chefs to demonstrate their skills and panelists to discuss the social significance of tacos. We'll also have used records, local art, vintage books, and cool accessories. You will also walk through Dallas' most unique neighborhood, one of the few that's existed for 140 years. 

Why have a Taco Festival? Because it just sounds fun.

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