Thursday, March 15, 2012

From Vibrant Geometry to Beige BBQ Building

Bakers Ribs is moving from its perennial location next to the Angry Dog to the corner of Main and Hall.  In doing so, it displaces the work of Ricardo Paniagua, local Deep Ellum Artist.

Building and Artist, photo by Scot Dorn

For Baker's Ribs, this is opportunity to ostensibly make room for their fried pies.  Still Paniagua's designs weren't in line with typical locations of the Texas BBQ franchise, and the company felt the need to alter the building's facade.

Please excuse the crappy phone resolution
As you can see, the building currently bears no semblance of its former self.  Paniagua's "Psalm 112: An Alchemical Spacecraft" had received national acclaim, but the BBQ joint felt that the mural didn't exactly fit their branding strategy.

This situation is a microcosm of what is happening in urban areas around the country.  When it comes to these old, non-suburban places, what should be done about buildings that have been there sitting empty for a long time?

While it is a tragedy that the vibrancy of that intersection is now muted, the building was un-rentable, judging by its many years of disuse.  In fact, there are many buildings in the neighborhood that have been empty for a long time.  Is this a cause of the times, or is this a call for new buildings?


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  2. On my first trip to Dallas a couple of weeks back, I happened to be walking outside of it while they were just starting to cover it over. I took a couple of pics. Made me sad. No offense to them, but that building looks horrible now.

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